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Canine Evaluations

In order for us to determine which method of training, and/or what level of modification your dog will require, we highly recommend that you bring your dog in for an evaluation. Our evaluations are about an hour in length, and are conducted at our training facility a neutral ground for your dog, allowing us to see the true personality of your dog. This  also gives you a chance to meet with our head trainer one-on-one to discuss the plans for you and your dog's individual needs.


Even if you are just looking for help with a certain small problems, some issues can be solved in the evaluation itself! Head Trainer, Charles, is very knowledgeable in all things DOG and can help you with all problems no matter how major or minor they are.


Our evaluations are particularly helpful for behavior modification cases, as we are able to determine the level of your dog's behavior such as aggression, anxiety, nervousness etc.


Evaluation Fee :  $50

Read what a recent client had to say about their one hour evaluation with Charles...

Carl - Donna F.

Just wanted to follow up with you after I brought Carl in to consult with Charles this past Tuesday.  

After getting the pinch collar Charles suggested and using a few of the techniques he showed me, walking with Carl is like a completely different dog. Like night and day!  

When we see other dogs, cats, people, one simply tug and the command of heel and he is just right back trotting along like there was never anything there, no matter if I am walking him alone or with my other 9 year old dog.  And part of the time, he is not even noticing distractions and needing correction!  He stays right to my left side on a slack leash -- it's amazing.