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Obedience Training

A new round of group classes starts the first Sunday of every month!

Puppy Obedience & Fun Class


Our Puppy classes are offered in a six week session, each class is one hour per week. K9TS Puppy classes get your pup set up the right way! We focus on socialization, desensitization, fun activities, playtime, basic obedience and more FUN! Puppies must be up to date on shots to attend class.

Puppy Class $160 for 6 weeks


Basic Obedience


Obedience classes are a great way to build a solid foundation in your dog. Our classes are offered by the month, each class session is one hour per week on Sundays.

Our classes are different than other obedience classes which only address certain commands. We push dogs as far as they can go in each class, and the groups of dogs advance together through our classes.

Basic $160 per month  

Limited to 8 dogs/class 


Intermediate Obedience


Our classes are offered by the month, each class session is one hour per week. This class is for those who have graduated our beginner classes or are at equal level of obedience. This class incorporates off-leash obedience, focus work and addresses real-life situations to ensure optimal listening at all times, refining techniques learned in our beginner class and moving forward with more advanced tricks.


Intermediate $160 per month

Limited to 8 dogs per class 


Advanced / Competition Obedience


Our classes are offered by the month, each class session is one hour per week. Our advanced classes are for those who have graduated the intermediate program or at equal level of obedience. These classes involve refining off-leash training, tolerance, focus, tricks and can work towards competition work with your canine. We work on competitive obedience patterns and set up dogs for trials.


Advanced $160 per month

Limited to 6 dogs per class

Private Obedience Sessions

Private sessions


One-on-one classes address behavioral modifications tailored to your dog. Based at our facility, we work on techniques to help resolve your dog's problems or further your dog's potential, free from distractions until we add them. 

We recommend private sessions for behavior modification cases, as this allows maximum time with your dog, one-on-one with our trainers for more direct and timely results

An evaluation is required.

1 hour session for $125

8 sessions for $900

12 sessions for $1,200


Board & Train

Board and Train

Our board and train service is offered by the week or month. Your dog will live with a trainer and will return to you with the specific behavior requirements discussed beforehand. 

Prices vary for board and train depending on duration and your dog's needs, starting at $2,000/month. Please contact us to arrange an evaluation.

We offer Group and Private Obedience classes