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Protection Training


Have you got a high energy, high drive dog looking for a job, or are you looking for a better way to protect yourself, your family and your home?


Bite Work could be the perfect energy release for your canine!  We begin by working up your dog's drive and eventually have your dog biting the sleeve and barking on command.


Perfect for those looking for a Protection Dog. Our protection trained dogs are very social, we ensure the training you do with your dog will not affect their general demeanor. You are essentially installing an 'on-switch' into your dog through their training. We can set your dog up for foundation bite work all the way to advanced, from barking on command (for the intimidation factor) to a dog capable of live-bites.


These sessions can lead toward Schutzhund ( join our Schutzhund club - coming soon) and Personal Protection dogs.

Open Protection Evenings

Every Tuesday and Saturday come and test your dog's drive, work them on the bite sleeve, and excel their protection training.


On Tuesdays and Saturdays we hold OPEN Protection evenings from 7:00 pm onward. You are welcome to drop-in to work your dog with our fantastic agitators who are experienced in real-world and Schutzhund style protection work.


Call us for details: (916) 919-1875


Fees per session:

5 months and older: $30

Puppies 4 months and under: $10