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Rescue Project Dogs

We pull dogs from local shelters who are facing euthanasia due to behaviors that deam them un-adoptable. These can include: aggression, nervousness, dog-reactiveness, anti-social behavior.

If you are interested in any of our rescue dogs, please contact us: (916) 919-1875

*Currently there are no dogs available. Please check back with us soon!

"Dutchess" Adopted
Approximately 10 months old, Female Dutch Shepherd Mix

  • Leash trained
  • Crate trained
  • Started basic obedience

"Jager" Adopted

8 month old male Dutch Shepherd Mix


  •  Bouncy and friendly demeanor
  •  Very social
  •  Started basic obedience

Adopted Project Dogs



Beautiful 2 year old Brindle Mastiff who was recently pulled from the Sacramento SPCA for dog-reactive issues.

She is an absolute sweet heart, who is very affectionate, sweet and slobbery!

Lily was adopted to a lovely couple from Reno, who instantly fell in love!

Have an amazing life Lily, we will miss you lots! - K9TS


4 year old female Harlequin Great Dane, Perdy, was very fearful and fear-aggressive of men. She was adopted out in May 2013 to a man who she fell in love with!

We will miss you Perdy! Have a great life! - K9TS



 5 year old male Terrier Mix, Jasper, was pulled from the Sacramento SPCA as he was facing euthanasia for nipping at one of the Supervisors. He was at K9TS for a few months to socialize him and make sure he was fully adoptable. He was adopted out to a lovely couple with an Aussie named 'Roscoe'. They are now best friends and he is loving life!

We wish you the best of luck in your new home Jasper! - K9TS


"Mr. Bean"

8 month old Labrador Mix who was pulled from the Sacramento SPCA due to being too fearful of everything. He was at K9TS for a couple months learning to socialize and has become a

sweet, social and loving little guy, who bounces around like a little 'jumping bean' (hence his nickname). He was adopted in September 2013 to a great home!

Good luck Beanie! We will miss your sweet nature and jumpiness! - K9TS