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Heidi - Barbara S.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank K9TS for all they have done for my dog Heidi and myself.

I got Heidi, an 8 week old Belgian Malinois, in January. I knew I was getting a high energy, high drive dog.  I wanted to get her into a puppy class as soon as possible to start socializing her.  She was a bit of a wild child!  The first trainer I had evaluate Heidi advised me that my dog was going to be very hard to train.  That I had a real problem dog on my hands....  I knew she was wrong.

Then I found K9TS and Charles!

We went out to meet Charles. I think he took one look at Heidi and fell in love with her. I know Heidi fell in love with Charles.  Read More...

Carl - Donna F.

Just wanted to follow up with you after I brought Carl in to consult with Charles this past Tuesday.  

After getting the pinch collar Charles suggested and using a few of the techniques he showed me, walking with Carl is like a completely different dog. Like night and day!  

When we see other dogs, cats, people, one simply tug and the command of heel and he is just right back trotting along like there was never anything there, no matter if I am walking him alone or with my other 9 year old dog.  And part of the time, he is not even noticing distractions and needing correction!  He stays right to my left side on a slack leash -- it's amazing.

Maya - Jeni K.


I am so happy to have found this place for my Maya. My heart melted to see how connected she and Charles were after I had her with him in board and train for a little over a month. Maya had been kicked out of PetSmart for boarding because of her crate aggression and Charles was absolutely amazing in working with her to get rid of it. I am happy to say my boyfriend can now close her crate door without her growling :-) not to mention, now I can board her with K9TS when I travel for work and know Maya will be in a place she loves with people she loves. I would recommend this place to anyone!!! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding my experience with K9TS!

Rio - Jeff L.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Our dog has come a long way and we've learned invaluable lessons about being good dog owners. I truly look forward to each class! Every dog owner should bring their dog here!

 Lyhonidas - Okharina H.


We just went for an evaluation with our puppy Lyhonidas (he's a Rottweiler) and in that short session Charles already changed some of Lyhonidas' behaviors. We are so happy with Charles already, I KNOW we're going to have an awesome dog!!

Elsie - Irene G.


So this was my dog before: Pulling on the leash when walking, pushing past people to get out of the car/house first, full of nervous energy, due to her separation anxiety, that would cause her to run wildly, and sometimes accidentally knock people over.


This is Elsie now: Heels beautifully on and off leash, waits until she is told she can get in/out, is challenged during every walk to sit, stay, down, come, turn, and heel which makes her tired, happy. We're still working on crate training and more advanced training, but every session that she is learning to trust in us is decreasing her anxiety and making life better for everyone. My only regret is that I wasn't aware of K9 Training solutions earlier because at almost 10 years old, she is becoming the best dog she's ever been. Even so, we are thrilled with the changes she's made so don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't teach an old dog new tricks!


Olga - Janettta P.


We brought our Olga to K9 Training Solutions after adopting her from the German Shepherd Rescue. She was a smart, un-trained year old German Shepherd, with lots of energy. They have amazingly trained both Olga and ourselves in a short period of time, and we are proud to own a "well trained" pet. We look forward to each class, and enjoy what we can learn next. I highly recommend K9 Training Solutions.


Drake - Patti N.


I have been training with Charles for several months now. I was desperate to get my rottie's dog re-activeness under control so I could get him in the show ring. I am a dog trainer myself and was at a loss with my own dog!! But Charles took us under his wing and Drake is doing great now. He is far less reactive and I am more relaxed with him too. He has started showing and is doing great!

Gemma - Deidre F.


Before coming to training with K9TS, Gemma was fearful of men, lacked confidence in new situations, and had weak obedience. Through obedience classes we were able to get her socialized, more confident, and we can now approach strangers without fear. I think I learned just as much as she did in class. I'm so glad I was lucky enough to come across Charles and his K9TS team. They truly care about what is best for the dog!

Zena - Kevin P.

We have been training with Charles and Kathi in the Beginner I and II classes with our puppy, Zena. These classes are great because there are a wide mix of dogs in the class, not just puppies, so Zena has been exposed to so many different dogs! The trainers are very friendly and explain each step very well. It is much more than training for us, it is also a fun experience to see her learn and progress with the training! She is doing really well and is now working on off-leash work in her class! I could not be more happy, and would recommend K9 Training Solutions to anyone!


Bruce - Harriet S.

Bruce has made life-changing improvements since working with K9 Training Solutions. He was very fear aggressive and since working at the training center he has been exposed to many dogs and we have worked through his issues to the point that he now runs freely with other dogs without problems! It has been amazing to watch him change!


I cannot recommend this company enough, I continue with their obedience classes as I now plan to put Bruce through agility! Thank you so much Charles!

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