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K9TS Training Solutions

Obedience Training

K9TS offers group classes by the month, each class session is one hour per week. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced class sessions.

We also have private sessions, catered to dogs who need extra attention, behavior modification cases, or for those who would like more personal attention on their training.

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Protection Training

K9TS has many years of experience working with protection training, from personal protection to security to Police K9 training. 


Our trainers and agitators are capable of setting your dog up to reach their full potential.

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Fun idea... Train your dog in a different language!


German: Fuss (fooss)
French: Au pied (oh-pee-aye)
German: Sitz (siitz)
French: Assis (ah-see)
German: Bleib (bly'b)
French: Reste (rest)
German: Platz (plahts)
French: Coucher (coo-shay)
German: Hier (hee er)
French: Ici (ee see)

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